Saturday, October 18, 2008

Spider Attack!!!

Blechhh! I hate spiders! I love fall but when the weather starts changing and getting cooler, spiders always seem to make their way inside. The other day, I opened up the front door to leave for work in the morning and a HUGE spider came running across the floor from under the door. He hid underneath one of my shoes that was next to the front door. I hate spiders, so of course I pushed down on the shoe with my foot and heard this disgusting crunching sound. You know a spider is big when it makes a "crunch" when you squish it!

Then a couple of days later I was getting ready in the morning when a spider lowered itself down right next to my head!!! I immediately made Jeff get up to kill it, but he would not get out of bed until I said, "What, are YOU afraid???". Then he got up and killed it. Come on! Did he think I was going to kill it?

Last night, there was a spider in the hallway! Did I mention that I HATE spiders!?!? I think read somewhere that humans EAT somewhere around 8 spiders in their lifetime. I think they crawl up your nose or into your mouth when you're sleeping! Yet another reason to kill every and ANY spider that finds its way into the house. Don't they know they're supposed to stay outside?

But these spider are pretty darn cute! They've been all over SCS lately so I had to make some. I made 27 spiders today! They are sooooo easy-peasy!

Stamps & Ink: NONE!
Paper: Black & Orange (I used cheapo... from the days before I learned about good cardstock)
Accessories: SU punches... Scalloped circle & Photo corner; googlie eyes, glue dots

Even though he's a spider, he's still pretty cute!


Did I mention that these little spiders are not only cute, but they are also DELICIOUS!?!?!? They have a peppermint patty sandwiched inside! What a fun Halloween treat!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!!! :)

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